Sexy Corsets Canada

When one hears the word corset, only one word comes to their min — ‘sexy’! Thanks to the PVC corsets, they can live up to their reputation. Another image that comes to a person’s mind would be all lace and satin. But what most modern day people would easily conjure up in their imagination is [...]

Blue Overbust Corset

Ladylike and attractive corset. A striking corset in royal blue satin with black lace panels on the front to give a sexy alluring look. Everlasting style from “Vollers Corset”. Unstrapped laces enable wearing corset with suspension or without. Delicate embroidery with a tempting panther. Seductive style and sexy look to increase sex appeal. Best class [...]

Purple Overbust Corset

Glamorous purple overbust corset. More attractive and have a high sexy look. High quality wonderful elastic lace is used. Add some high-impact gleam to your night out in this sparkling purple glitter fabric, shown here in style 1905U. Also available in silver or gold glitter. Front fastening, back lacing and are fitted with a back [...]

Overbust Vollers Corset

This lingerie piece is extremely womanly and graceful. Stun them all with subtle sophistication giving emphasis to the fine shape of the figure. Coupled with the matching taffeta skirt you will make a great entrance. Front fastening, back lacing and are fitted with a back modesty panel and an underbusk is the specialty of “Vollers [...]

Red Overbust Corset

Deluxe and very stylish overbust corset. Valentine romance with a warm metallic red silk corset, beautifully gift-wrapped, it makes a special and memorable gift! Overbust corset with ribbon slotted lace at the top from “Vollers Corset” It can be worn as an outer or under garment for a ’show stopper’ evening! Finest class tight [...]

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